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Hello Friends!

We purchased our farm in 1998 and have made alot of happy memories and friends.  We brought all our Clydesdales here from our prior residence and were heavy into breeding and showing for quite some time.  After retirement from our business, Bob got "revived" in his fancy pigeons (started this hobby when he was just a lad), and waterfowl, and has now added to his flocks with poultry. He is a recognized judge in this world of fanciers and holds a doctorate degree from the Island of Malta where he researched and confirmed the DNA of their national fowl, the Maltese Chicken. About 2011, he decided to start into purebred Shorthorn cattle and graduated from that in 2016 to purebred Simmental Cattle, which we both love. It never ends!

Herdsman - Scott Martin (226) 343-3004

Assisted by - Alexa Avelar (519) 820-6523

111096  11th Line

East Garafraxa, Ontario, Canada
L9W 7A4

Phone: (519) 928-5220
Fax: (519) 928-5240

Robert & Carolyn Ridler​


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