Shorthorn Cattle

About 2011, Shorthorns came into our lives. It was exciting at first.  We built our herd buying good stock as we were always believers that you bought the best you could afford and work up from there. After a few years, we met many nice people and had great success in the show ring and in our breeding programme, but we also learned that some organizations and people, were not what they professed to be and did not always follow the rules.  We learned that a few bad apples can spoil the barrel. We were no longer enjoying this hobby so we cut back in our Shorthorns in 2017-18, and only have a few left....perhaps the cream of the crop! We thank all those who purchased animals from us recently...they went to both coasts of Canada and into the U.S.  Their stories of how "our" Shorties are doing with them, are cherished. It is time for them to grow their herds and we can sit back and watch. Our name is out there!    We still cherish though many good Shorthorn friends and count ourselves lucky to know them.

Millbrook Regal

Maple Stone Queen of Texas

Maple Stone Blue Garcon



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